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One Masters and Millionaires Tao PowerGem that works in many dozens or scores or even hundreds of arenas in your life, has always been right in front of your face. So, rather than truly teaching you this legitimate powergem, the Masters and Millionaires Tao serves to remind you of what you almost surely already know, and yet act too little upon.

Imagine reducing EVERY task you have by half the required steps to get there
using the same shortcuts that masters and millionaires use so successfully.

Even dummies multiply their computer knowledge in 60 seconds or so by playing with only three or four primary shortcut uses of the Win button on your keyboard. Think about it: you have two of these buttons on the keyboard, identical to each other, and only one of just about all the others, which must mean that the Win button is pretty important, no? Yet few people even know what the heck they do, although you get instant, powerful benefit from holding the Win button and tapping the letter 'e' on your keyboard, or holding it and tapping 'f' on your keyboard. No other explanation is necessary. Do it and you'll see why.     Computer Shortcuts 1    Computer Shortcuts 2

Play for a solid #60 seconds. From this point forward, you not only get to those two vitally important, commonly-used functions, you get to save time with the tools themselves that pop up when you use your Win button. these shortcuts become second nature very very quickly, and you're poised to pick up just one or two more shortcuts here and there, vastly, exponentially reducing the time, the physical motions, and the thought required to complete the hundred tasks of every human life. Stop offering your opinion and give this sixty consecutive seconds of thought this very minute… or continue doing it like a donkey. As always, it boils down to just two clear-cut choices: remain or change, yes?

  • What the hell are you thinking, buying three or four pairs of socks? Are you that stupid?

Honey, you're going to be buying socks for the rest of your life, and I promise you, you'll be buying the same size and color socks/stockings for the rest of your life. Smell reality. With just one TINY shortcut, you get five enormous clouds bursting with sunshiny benefits, instant AND long-term benefits. Watch and learn what you already know, Genius, and are still too profoundly stupid to practice. More important than you "following" instructions of the Masters and Millionaires Tao is for you to develop your own sense of, your own formation and understanding of the the Masters and Millionaires Tao that's already within you. Simple ideas get bigger when you consciously choose to focus on how you can develop them. How many areas of life can YOU apply this to?

When you go to the store and buy twenty or fifty pairs of identical socks/stockings, you are NOT creating a storage crisis in your life, even if you, residentially, abide in a piano box. If you have an apartment or house, you should buy a hundred pair at once. You think you're smart? When did you last compute AT LEAST the following benefits, in whatever order they appeal most to your personal sense of priority?
50 or 100 pairs means you don't have to worry about going out to get new ones, not for along time. Plus, there's a synergistic effect which I won't explain if you don't grab it with its reference in this sentence, an effect that translates into your socks and stockings actually lasting longer, NOT shorter, as some of us erroneously think at the beginning. Lasting longer.

Please do not expect the cost of your socks/stockings to go down next year or the year after. That's about as likely as Elvis running for President... Elvis Presley, that is. Just not likely, hm? You certainly save money this way.

When you have at least 20 pairs of socks same color (go ahead, buy 20 pairs each of 5 colors if you wish to steal many thousands of minutes from your life that you will certainly wish you had back when you approach the end of your line), you rarely suffer that mysterious ailment referred to as, "the dryer ate two blues and a …."
It doesn't happen. I have fifty pairs of navy socks. I NEVER hunt for a lost sock.

Let's face it: If I only wear each pair thirty times, it means I don't have to buy socks for four or five years. Do you understand how powerful this tiny shortcut is over the long haul? The wisest people you or I have ever known are those who understand that the way we spend our minutes is a clear preview of how we are spending our lives. Minutes you save are very, VERY literally the years of your life. Let's double and triple some ten thousand of those minutes with ideas like this, not quite so absurd when you remember G. Bernard Shaw's reminder that "Reasonable men adapt themselves to the world. The unreasonable man adapts the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends upon the unreasonable man."

If you personally do not invest... SELF-invest... a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes per day pursuing a personal passion, from art, science, music, charity, sex, drugs, or rock n roll, then perhaps you might see that if you knew better, you'd do better, no?

  • Whether it's socks or coffee, razor blades or undershirts, toilet paper or hair conditioner, there are items you can buy multiples of, at far less cost than buying individually and so, SO time-consumingly. The minutes you save shopping, comparing, walking, carrying, driving? Well, it adds up over a lifetime: thousands of your minutes. Minutes that are far better invested -- at the rate of just ten or fifteen minutes per day, developing excellence in any category of human endeavor.

Major in minors, or major in majors. By the time you realize you're using dozens of these shortcuts to remove hundreds of smaller steps per month, it suddenly, rapidly, often IMMEDIATELY starts adding up not just over a lifetime, rather, it adds up this year, and this month, yes, this week, this day, and lo and behold, THIS very hour in time to do what you most love to do, rather than all the hundred things that every human has to do repeatedly. How you spend your minutes is a clear preview of how you're spending your life. Shhhhh. Not a word. Just think... then do. ... ... again and again, getting better and better in each way in each day, right?

Excellence has never been known to be caused or achieved accidentally. Win on purpose!
Identify a deadline, because that's what converts a dream into a goal, a simple deadline.
Divide your goal into 21 or 89 or 144 pieces: Small pieces are more digestible, true?
Identify the people & organizations in a position to help you achieve your goal.
Before you can think there's a fair-enough likelihood of attaining this main goal,
remember we must always have a strong enough WHY to find the HOW


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