Pain killer     Antioxidant     Antiparasitic
Antifungal     Natural Germicidal

All in one?                                         100% Natural??

One item, PROVIDED BY NATURE.                         This really is eye-opening

  • Pain killer
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Antiseptic
  • Anti-parasitic
    1. The Way to Aging Gracefully is packed with superlatives, simply magnficent (and often magnficently simple) in the realm of naturality, living stronger for longer.

      Before any serious consideration might be extended to the artificial,,the synthetic, the Way to Aging Gracefully naturally is naturally inclined to look at natural choices first and foremost. For people who pursue better health and wellness through naturopathic means, which translates into the use of items that grow naturally on earth, rather than a reliance on man-made chemicals, one of the twenty-five best items to use is oil of oregano, an extremely powerful germ killer. The International Journal of Food Microbiology, for example, published detailed research establishing that oil of oregano is one of nature's most powerful germicides, effectively killing a wide range of bacteria and fungi.

      With more than thirty years of research and practical application, Dr. Cohen speaks carefully in recommending anything with a brand name. Thankfully, there are so many brands of oil of oregano that you can fairly well take your pick of which company or brand you develop a preference for.

      • Throughout the histories of more than a hundred countries we see oil of oregano working magic, from the plains of the developing American West in the 1800's to Venetian practicioners in 14th century Italy. It still works today, and just as well as it has for many centuries. It's positively foolish to ignore so many distinct, and virtually instantaneous benefits..

      • Oil of oregano is a highly packed gift of nature, because it's concentrated, and effective.

      • A product of wild oregano, oil of oregano mostly grows in remote mountainous regions, which tend to be free of chemical pollution. Only the leaves of the flowering plant are used. These leaves are picked at a particular point when the plant has produced its highest levels and concentrations of oil.

      • According to the Journal of Applied Nutrition, oil of oregano is highly effective for killing candida, which even the strongest chemical antibiotics are challenged by. Again and again, from the U.S. and Mexico, to China, France, Russia, and other countries, we see clear evidence of the antiseptic as well as antiparasitic value of oil of oregano..

      • dedicated to promoting self-healing, self-control, and self-determination in finding the fastest, most effective methods of naturopathic healing and health advancement, all in the interest of Longevity. That's why the many Bodyscan websites are focused so closely upon what we refer to as the Masters and Millionaires Tao, in the world's largest network of health and wellness shortcuts dedicated to helping us to live longer and better lives.

      • Don't be surprised to learn that oil of oregano is a powerful pain killer

      • The Way to Aging Gracefully finds clear evidence of oil of oregano being successfully used for at least four centuries to provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

      • The Way to Aging Gracefully finds clear evidence of oil of oregano being successfully used for at least four centuries to provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

      • The Way to Aging Gracefully finds clear evidence of oil of oregano being successfully used for at least four centuries to provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

      Simply stated, anything that we can find Mankind using for centuries and centuries should not be too quickly discarded in the face of technology and chemical advances. No honest doctor or researcher in the world would disagree with the statement that antibiotics produced by man attack the immune system, in both the short term and the long term. That is the sole purpose of antibiotics: to assault the immune system so grievously that the defense survival mechanism controlled by the brain orders the human immune system to work three to seven times harder than normal to defend against whatever parasite, bacteria, fungus, or other life form is present.

      • The Way to Aging Gracefully finds clear evidence of oil of oregano being successfully used for at least four centuries to provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

      The intelligent mind is one that invests more time focused on lasting, effective solutions rather than focusing on the problem, or the surface nature of specific symptoms. As in gardening, it is far more effective to pull the root of a weed than to continuously cut off the upper layers.

      As the healthiest web site on the planet,
      the Masters and Millionaires Tao is self-descriptive. There are no better sources of information than those who have repeatedly demonstrated its factual nature.

      Reach out for a better, longer life with the simplest, fastest, and, interestingly enough, least costly methods and items provided by nature. The results, as with everything in life, speak louder than words.

      Make those better decisions, and reap the benefits of naturopathy, the path of nature and balance.

      Traditional medicine rather than conventional medicine.

      Control of technology rather than being controlled by technology.

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      Better choices have a way of leading to many of our better decisions...
      more so when based on Way to Aging Gracefully HealthGems, ala oregano.

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      The Way to Aging Gracefully asks:
      Did you know? ... DO you realize?...

      id you know that physican-strength oil of oregano has been used for more than a thousand years as pain killer, an antiparasitic, an antifungal agent? Did anyone every bother to let you know that oil of oregano is a naturally germicidal substance? That oil of oregano is a powerful antioxidant? Why SHOULD anyone tell you? There are no tens of billions in profits to be earned on something as inexpensive as oil of oregano. How can it be good if it's cheap, right?

      That is the sorry state of some of our thinking: because we do not know any better, we are unable to take the best and healthiest steps. One of many such steps that I recommend is the use of coral calcium. It promotes optimal tissue pH a bit faster than the majority of calcium supplements simply because it is already ionized, naturally. None of the world's hundreds of sources of coral calcium have proven to be as efficiently absorbed and used by the body as coral calcium found in and around the Japanese islands.

      These are just two of the many powerful "healthy shortcuts" available to most of us, including you.
      With hundreds of sources of physician-stength oil of oregano,
      hundreds of sources of good, high-quality coral calcium,
      you have two hugely powerful and natural medicines
      that replace many dangerous drugs.   Buy them where you wish.
      The more you learn, the longer you tend to live.   Learn to look for more to learn.

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      Pain killer     Antioxidant     Antiparasitic
      Antifungal     Natural Germicidal

      All in one?                                         100% Natural??

      Now that literally thousands of people in America die from doctor and hospital error, WEEKLY,
      it is more vital than ever for you to become more involved.
      The initiation of that involvement is YOU PERSONALLY learning more about healing yourself naturally, healthfully. Healing naturally with naturopathy.