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Failure in and of itself may hurt. In fact, failure is good and wonderful for those seeking to develop wealth and success, because failure is a foundation of all useful successes.

One basis for this is the undeniable fact that you are considerably more successful than you've
given yourself credit for? Today is a special day for you; it certainly ought to be, considering it will never again occur in YOUR life.

That alone should suffice to jab you, to arouse you, to arouse the giant inside of you that O.S. Marden wrote so eloquently about.
Answer honestly here and I'll help you to change your life today.     TODAY.

How many times have you "failed?"

Like everyone else, you strike out at least twice for every success.
Did you ever consider this?

Do you remember the 3,000 tries it took to learn to tie your shoelaces?
Even when you DID tie them that first time, you knotted them a few times, didn't you?

You fell down the first time you tried to walk...
in fact, you "failed" hundreds and hundreds of times at this one task...
yet you never gave up trying, did you?

You continued until you suceeded.

Did you ride your bicycle down the driveway first time out?
Did you jump into the water and swim the first time you went in?

Did you hit the ball the first time you swung a bat?

Without any known exceptions, those who hit the most home runs also strike out more often.    Babe Ruth struck out not merely 330 times (as if that wouldn't be enough?), rather,
twice as many times as he hit home runs!!   The next two home run kings... Hank Aaron & Mickey Mantle...were also strikeout kings, who struck out far, far more than they hit home runs!
      the Masters and Millionaires Tao certainly hopes you're not dumb enough to think this is a coincidence.

Anna Mary Robertson, at 76, was 'doomed' by 6 different doctors, told that her arthritis would leave her fingers forever bent & crippled, dependent on others to even dress her each day!!   The 7th doctor suggested she draw with pencils, crayons, maybe a paint brush.   She laughed, saying she'd never held a paint brush in her life.   He told her not to mind that, just focus on working the kinks out of her fingers.     That's how, between the ages of 76 and 94, Anna Mary Robertson painted an astonishing six hundred,  yes,   six HUNDRED masterpiece paintings ... using the name "Grandma Moses."
Was that enough?   Not for Grandma: between 94 and 100, she created an ADDITIONAL 400 masterpieces, including the famous drawings for "The Night Before Christmas."

R.H. Macy failed seven times before Macy's became the biggest dep't store on earth.

          You think YOU have it tough?       Please.          

English novelist John Creasey personally and consciously chose to persevere through an incredible 753 rejection slips... before he published,
get this...
five hundred and sixty-four books! 

Surely you're familiar with the popular "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books?
Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hanson were rejected by
THIRTY-THREE publishers, who said it would never sell...
before Health Publications published the first of their TWENTY MILLION BOOKS!!

Ted Geisel had TWENTY-SEVEN publishers turn him down before the 28th publisher sold SIX MILLION copies of his first book.
You and I know Ted Geisel... by his more famous name... Dr. Seuss!! Yes, the Cat in the Hat went flat...
twenty-seven times!!!

When was the last time YOU tried something twenty-eight times?

Rudyard Kipling received piles of rejection slips, including one that informed him that he didn't know how to use the English Language! Like all winners, he had no interest in the opinions of naysayers, and just kept on keeping on.


Stop worrying about failure:
Worry about what you're missing when you try too few times.
Worry about what you're missing when you try too few times.

Worry about what you're missing when you try too few times.

Worry about what you're missing
when you try too few times.

Water is useful at 211 degrees fahrenheit.
Washing, drinking, bathing.     Add one and only one degree of heat, and you can push a 30,000-ton ship through the world's oceans.
The Masters and Millionaires Tao asks from within yourself... How many times have you stopped trying ...
... not realizing that you were just one degree away from success?
How many times have you stopped trying ...
not realizing you were just one degree away from success
Please... ... don't tell us.
Your actions speak so loudly you need not say a word.


There's a huge difference between a strikeout... and a failure.
 A strikeout means,
"I struck out this time. Next time I will succeed."
A failure means
"I struck out this time. I will not try again"

  If you know of any exceptions to this rule,
please bring it to our attention  

Every intelligent person I've met can talk good game about how good they can be.

Enough already:   don't tell us how good you can be, show us today; show us in the next 10 minutes.
Whatever you do in the next 10 minutes is exactly what we'll look back on a year from now.

We'll either remember these next 10 minutes being typical, and half-assed, or we'll remember these next 10 - 100 minutes as being admirable minutes of striving for excellence.

An unsuccessful, (and financially broke) appliance salesman, depressed at his inability to provide for his family, entered a theatre in New York on a whimsy to try out for a part in a play called "Mister Roberts."   All these years later, we know that that young man, Paul Newman, has provided well for his family as an actor, AND GIVEN AWAY MORE THAN TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS to charity through the sale of "Newman's Own" sauces and other food products.

How do you want to be remembered: typical & average, or the kind of person who goes for the gold?
As always, what you do in the next hour of your life will tell us clearly who you are.  Go for it.   Dare to be more, now!

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Joseph Beyda lived a life of such huge proportions that YOU are invited to carry on his habit,
a self-enriching tradition of constantly finding people further down the chain to help out.
Talk about powerful mojo!  .;   Even if you do it selfishly, so much the better.,

The only people Joe Beyda looked down on are those to whom he was offering his hand for a boost up - A THOUSAND TIMES!.
Josepth Beyda walked the talk as very few corporate leaders tend to do. Plainly stated, he enjoyed giving it away...
more than he enjoyed earning those millions. Doing it on a smaller scale today will bring you accelerated wealth:
That's not bleeding heart sob sister mentality being presented to you. It's purely scientific.
Whatever you send out to the world comes back to you over and over and over again.
Doesn't have to be money, unless you are comfortable and then some..

Your time, your attention, your hugs, your encouragement.
Help somebody worse off than you,
and long before you've done it a thousand times,
you will find you've become wealthy in whatever ways you wish to be wealthy:
emotionally, financially, sexually, proffesionally, ad infinitum.

Every extra step you take for another human being will multiply back to you.
This is one of Life's so very few axioms, perfect rules, Newton's 3rd Law of Physics.
Dare to be even better than your parents.   As we cannot learn less, learn, live, give more.
It will give you rushes of pleasure you rarely allow yourself.   Merit the act of giving,
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