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Way to Aging Gracefully HealthGems -
Faster Home-Based Relief from the Common Cold

It is not unreasonable to figure that the reason for why a common cold doesn't go away in a few hours is that you are reinfecting yourself through the respiratory tract. The germs in your throat are multiplying at great speed.

First, the Way to Aging Gracefully presents what seems like sound advice, passed on by millions of loving mothers and grandmothers, for example. Consider how sensible it seems, and then consider pragmatic responses to the concept.

Repeatedly drinking half-pints of hot water (as hot as possible) continually kills the bacteria responsible for the continued presence of cold symptoms. This does NOT mean to do it as you always have, where you take five or six, maybe even eight sips of hot liquid, and then drink the rest of it warm. That has limited benefit - limited, of course, to the benefits produced by a few sips of hot tea, versus the benefits of sipping a cup of tea.

Instead, use this excellent shortcut, wherein the shortcut is successful no less than ninety percent of the time, works hugely and instantly, provided you include the foundation of you drinking more hot tea.

You don't even need to increase the number of cups of tea!! It DOES mean sipping more of the cups of tea that you DO have. It means some two hundred or more hot sips or mouthfuls of piping hot liquid within those first 24 hours.

If the water is warm or tepid, it's not doing its primary job of killing the bacteria. Must be hot, must be repeated, again and again and again. In between cups or bowls of hot liquid, cool fresh water maintains the flushing function. Pints of clean fresh water help accomplish the primary task, flushing out the body.

The hot water can be flavored with soup, tea, etc., as long as food is mostly avoided for maybe 12 to 18 hours, at which point you may not have found a cure for the common cold, yet you WILL have obtained fast and effective relief from the symptoms of the common cold. Food demands a great deal of the body's resources when it's not food from the ground.

Considering what most of us put into our bodies regularly, it's far, far more effective to allow the body to focus on getting rid of the cold and clearing up the systems quickly, rather than being distracted by the enormity of digestion and its attendant and ancillary functions.

From a practical and pragmatic coign of vantage, drinking hot liquids, however pleasurable it might be, always comes with a price. In this case, it is the loss of probiotics through a fair portion of the digestive tract.

Too hot, too cold, once you leave that 39 to 45 degree (Fahrenheit) range, damage is done to the healthy probiotics that perform a range of vital functions for health. So, hot toddies and hot tea and hot water are not really the best answers.

Next, we look at zinc. The use of zinc assay, interestingly enough, does not cure a cold. It does, however, tend to cut by about half the length of time you have that cold or flu (not all forms of flu, although most strains do respond to zinc).

The truly high speed shortcut offered by the Way to Aging Gracefully for empowering your body to naturally cure a cold quickly is, of course, nucleotides.

Each healthy cell in your body has some six billion nucleotides, the most basic building blocks of a human cell. When you use nucleotide supplements from a respected company, you can knock out the cold, and many strains of flu, in just a matter of hours. The more you take, the faster and more effective nucleotides are in getting the human body to do its job in curing a common cold.

To boost the value and efficacity of nucleotides, there is also colustrum powder, which actually works as a stand-in for the immune system, and what a job it does!

As with so many of life's great gems, including this Way to Aging Gracefully HealthGem, there is a catch, and that's quality.

Most of the colustrum powders sold in America do not pass even the simplest one-second bidigital test known as QRA test.

You can teach yourself how to do your own QRA testing, and, if you can find, for example, colustrum powder from cows in New Zealand - just one example of several - you will likely find that it tests very strong, energetically, meaning it is going to deliver a great deal of benefit to your body.

The Way to Aging Gracefully clearly warrants that the use of 6 or more nucleotides every hour or so is HIGHLY likely to wipe out your cold quickly, although many find with a particularly serious cold that a dozen nucleotides every hour or two is the most guaranteed way of ensuring that your body heals the cold or flu overnight or even sooner.

To add colustrum powder of a good quality can only serve to help you help yourself regain your healthy balance even faster. The combination of nucleotides and colustrum powder is considered the closest thing to a so-called "perfect cure for the common cold," although it needs to be said that the nucleotides and colustrum powder and zinc assay do not actually heal or cure or even treat anything... they merely empower your body to a do a far better job in naturally getting rid of most or all kinds of cold variety and flu strain.

To throw a touch of the technical in, the brain's focus has impact not as yet acknowledged by conventional medical practitioners who continue to have the vested interests of time and income at stake. Literally, talking to your body has an immediate, powerful impact, at all times, whether you have a cold, or stressed shoulder muscles. Ignoring this single most powerful shortcut to improved health is nothing less than foolish.

A fantastic example of this can be found in the following demonstration.

You're at a street corner, waiting to cross to the other side. Suddenly and without notice, you feel a jab in the back just as you hear a menacing voice say to you, "Don't move or I'll blow your brains out."

You know, and I know, that your heart rate is going to zoom up, along with blood pressure, adrenaline flow, fear, and more. Your body instantly goes into "fight or flight" mode, wherein blood flow to the extremities is dramatically reduced, the digestion system stops in its tracks, as your body's so-called 'autonomic function' prepares for possible loss of blood and the need to defend the body. These are defensive functions that happen each time such a threat to the body and life itself is presented.

It then turns out to be a friend just pulling your leg, or perhaps an idiotic semi-criminal who only has his finger jabbed into your kidneys.

Aside from the relief in realizing that life is not threatened, the thinking person realizes that it was NOT a gun or knife that caused so many dozens and scores of bodily changes to take place... ... it was, specifically and identifiably, the words, feelings, and yes, commands that your mind issued to your body.   Stop here and give this a good thought.

Your mind told your body to react, and did it ever respond to those commands. Your body persistently does as it is told to do... ... and it does so as consistently as you may wish, not merely for emergency response, as well for just about any situation you can name.

It is plain silly to think that you can't instruct your body, with those same tools you used in that 'emergency threat' situation, such as words and mental imagery, to IMMEDIATELY obtain relief from headaches, backaches, stomach problems, stressed muscles, and so much more.

Norman Cousin's book, "Anatomy Of An Illness," provides an effective blueprint for how a man sentenced to death by every doctor he consulted, defeated a terminal illness, laughing his way through life more than TWENTY YEARS after his death was expected. Those of you who might be fighting a so-called terminal disease, or who have friends/family in that sad situation are urged to read "Anatomy Of An Illness" and other books that teach us how to give healthier, more effective commands to the body.

In any neutral assay of many hundreds of cases of cancer in remission without traditional treatments of chemical irradiation or surgery, not one of these hundreds of survivors had begun with a "I'll fight this" attitude. That's interesting, isn't it?

In each case, acceptance of the disease came first, THEN the decision to defeat it from the inside out, rather than from the outside in.

Because of this universal truth common to all of these remitted patients, that acknowledgement-cum-acceptance of the disease must be logically attached to the empirical result of 100% remission in each of these hundreds of cases. Yet, the so-called 'conventional medical community' does not, as of this date, accept any great influence of the mind over disease.

Your own events in the coming days and weeks will prove to you that mental influence constitutes no less than 80% of all healing, as Pareto would happily remind us. Even something as seemingly "out of our control" as a common cold can most certainly be made subject to the rule that the human body follows the commands of the human mind.

To date, every major experiment done with zinc between 1979 and 2000 has shown zinc to reduce time length of a cold by fifty percent.

That fifty percent figure also applies to most -- although not all -- cases of flu. Those who generally have a cold for five to ten days will observe all symptoms to be gone, or nearly so, within 48 hours.

Those who generally experience colds for 72 - 120 hours will observe complete relief to be achieved generally in 18 to 36 hours when they combine all three: near-boiling water, cool fresh water, and zinc (lozenges or liquid).

Obviously, rest is the gasoline that fires the engine of virtually instant healing. If you can understand that your eyes are using the lion's share of all of your total energy, remember to keep your reading to an absolute minimum for the twelve to eighteen hours it takes to eliminate the majority of your common cold or flu. With over a hundred and seven million sophisticated lenses in each eyeball, the energy required to use them is enormous.   Give them a rest. That saved energy accelerates the healing process!

Approximately 100% of the time, fast and consistent relief is achieved.

No antibiotic, not even aspirin, can more than vaguely approach this method of getting rid of a cold. No doctors visits, no expensive medications, no food beyond the lightest and least you can handle. Listen to your body. It's a powerful device;  

 its natural state is one of healing and balance.  

Why not let your body do what it does best?

Way to Aging Gracefully HealthGem PowerGems

Because and only because you have made it to this point, have you earned a fantastic treat, free of course.


If you feel a cold coming on, and you know that tickle in the throat that almost always leads to a full-blown cold, take nucleotides, several of them every five or six hours when you're awake.

Six billion nucleotides is what it takes to create a single one of your cells. Nucleotides will knock your socks off, because when you take a nucleotides at the onset of a cold, you do not get the cold!

-That's quite right. It stops a cold dead in its tracks.

If the cold is already in force, take six nucleotides or at least four of them, every three to five hours that you are awake. Your cold should be gone in 12 to 30 hours. That's that.

Nucleotides literally stand in as an acting immune system, and nucleotides simply dazzle the mind.

If that's not enough, everyone with a cold is low in zinc. Say what you will, it is as true as the fact that nucleotides are nucleotides, meaning there is nothing as powerful as nucleotides. Still and all, adding a quarter-teaspoon, maybe even half a teaspoon of zinc assay, will REALLY knock out your colds and such. It's important to note that zinc is one of the exquisitely rare supplements that you need to be careful with, because too much zinc is toxic to the body. As long as you don't exceed a quarter-teaspoon or half-teaspoon every day, or, better yet, every other day, you will find zinc to be enormously helpful to the best performance of many different body systems. This includes the cure for the common cold. A chorus of indignant sputters cannot change the fact that your cold is cured, rapidly, decisively, when nucleotides and zinc are taken to either cut off a cold from happing, or to literally cure one's cold, simply, at home, uninvasively. How's that for curing the common cold? Hours? Go ahead, try it yourself and see for yourself: nucleotides and zinc have cured my own colds plenty of times.

The Way to Aging Gracefully is packed with such useful information.
Your job is, of course, to find these HealthGems, true PowerGems of Health,
specifically meaning that they work approximately one hundred percent of the time.
Learn more so you can live more. Learn about glyconutrients, for example: they're GREAT.
Everyone seems to think that they are an expert. We prefer to heed sharp, healthy elderly people.

Those who live stronger for longer are great sources for all of us at the Way to Aging Gracefully

Follow and learn from those who are actually doing it best, not merely speaking best.

You're welcome.  

Forget about vitamins. Not even one in a hundred vitamins provide much use.
If you see the value of extra help, look into natural supplements, not vitamins.
Natural supplements, when purveyed by reputable people, are far stronger,
as well as being more useful, healthier, bioavailable, and affordable.
While MisterShortcut avoids mentioning products by trade name,
it's fair to say that Premiere Research Labs is among the best.
It's founder, still running the company as of today,
has not yet been bitten by the bug of greed.
There are other companies like this, too.
If your health is worth the effort,
take the time to look for the Masters and Millionaires Tao "good guys,"
those companies that put quality before profit.
For common colds, there ARE a few products that help,
more effectively and without risk, as Vitamin C does present.
\ Just look for products that are both natural, and present no side effects.
Apples have more Vitamin C than Vitamin C pills can even hope to provide us.
Scraping the inside of all or most of an orange pill is likely to prevent most common colds.
Zinc of at least a decent quality has cut the length of most colds fifty percent or more, repeatedly.
Don't underestimate zinc for cutting your cold in half,
and do not underestimate the huge power of garlic.
Let's repeat this forty times until you pay attention,
until you listen to people getting better results:

That's not an opinion - it's the demonstrated fact.
Please remember that natural remedies do not hurt or kill.
Prescription medicines do. Aside from 106,000+ deaths per year,
over six million people in the U.S. are admitted to hospitals, sick from drugs.
This does not include overdosages, but does include wrong drugs prescribed.
Millions and millions of people sickened by what their doctors ordered for them.
In the opinion of the one and only man who can claim to have read 11,000 books,
you should never, ever take prescription drugs unless you are in pain beyond your control.
Every single human malady - that means no exceptions - has healthy natural remedes and medicines.
Learn more in order to live more, at the Masters and Millionaires Tao and elsewhere.
With so many thousands of great and quickly-found resources out there,
you've no excuse any longer for being lazy, overweight. or over-tired.
Even if you've been "diagnosed" with some horrible disease,
you WILL repeatedly find whatever you look for in this life.
That includes looking for natural remedies that do work.
That includes seeking remedies that never kill or injure.
Quit your yammering and complaining and "Why me?"
Learn to focus your mind on "Okay, try me."
More than eighty percent of all who win,
of all who defeat health challenges,
do it naturally, healthfully, safely,
and, to no small surprise to us,
usually at a fraction the cost.

Laboring Under Correct Knowledge.
Good luck.


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